Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Ear Infection in Dogs and Cats

Ear Infection in Dogs

Ear infections are normal problems for both cats and dogs. Common factors behind ear problems in domestic pets include organisms (ear mites), fungal, microbial brokers and foreign body (foxtails). Learn what things to watch out for and preventing ear infection in dogs and cats.

Ears in dogs and cats consist of four parts of the eardrum, ear canal, auditory duct, middle ear and inner ear. The earl tulip is different in different breeds of dogs, but in cats it is typically in a vertical shape. The design of the cartilage of the eardrum is a form that can focus the sound waves and transmit them to the eardrum. The external ear canal in dogs is about 5 to 10 centimeters long and 4 to 5 mm wide and has L-shaped. This duct contains a vertical section and a horizontal section. The vertical section length may reach about 2.5 centimeters, which is curved downwards and slightly towards the front. The horizontal portion of the auditory duct is shorter than the vertical portion and extends to the inside, which is why the vet examines slightly the ear outward and in the direction of the vertical duct to make the auditory hole directly visible and visible. The auditory duct containing the glands produces fat (sebaceous glands) and the glands producing waxy substances (cerumen glands) and hair follicles. The secretions of the sebaceous glands and the cerumen glands are mixed together and form the ear wax, which is responsible for protecting the outer ear canal by fixing the external and damp objects and smoothing the tinnitus. The middle ear is a container whose function is to transmit sound waves through its bones to the inner ear, and the inner ear is also used to receive hearing waves and maintain balance. Ear disease is a common problem in dogs and cats.

About 15% to 20% of dogs and 6% to 7% of cats suffer from different types of ear diseases. Since the external ear is covered with skin, any problem that can damage the skin of the area can also cause problems in the ear.

Disclaimer: These types of articles have been provided for educational purposes only. If your dog is displaying any indicators of disease, please seek advice from a veterinarian as quickly as possible.


Read on for symptoms, causes and treatment of ear infection in dogs and cats


Symptoms and Analysis of Ear Infections in dogs and cats

Symptoms of ear infection in dogs and cats will vary with respect to the cause, but most cats will show similar symptoms of itchy ears, scratching and shaking the top.


Symptoms and Medical diagnosis of Ear Infection in Dogs

Smell, itchiness, and inflammation are usually the first symptoms of ear problems in canines. Learn how to identify ear problems and exactly how ear infections are diagnosed.


Causes of ear infection in cats

Ear infections or swelling in the ear canals (more properly called otitis or otitis externa) are normal issues for felines, caused by ear mites often.


Causes of ear infection in dogs

In some full cases, an ear infection in a puppy may be easily treated and cured. Nevertheless, in way too many instances, these canine ear problems become chronic and difficult to take care of.


Ear Mite Infections

Ear mites mainly reside in the ear canal, where they prey on pores and skin particles. Their existence causes irritation, and can also lead to supplementary ear infections.


Ear Hematomas in Cats and dogs

Ear hematomas are when the ear flap (pinna) floods with bloodstream, making the ear appear to be a little go up. This problem is often seen with concurrent ear infections, however, not always.  Find out about this common ear condition of both dogs and cats.

Ear Infection in Cats

Treating Ear Infections in cats

The correct treatment for an ear infection in a kitty depends upon figuring out the reason for the ear infection. Ear mites are the most typical reason behind infections. However, other diseases can cause comparable symptoms that won’t react to treatment for ear mites.


Treatment of Ear Infection in Dogs

Some canine ear infections respond perfectly to treatment and resolve quickly. Regrettably, that’s not the situation with all canine ear infections. Many  situations  of otitis and ear infections in dogs are chronic and difficult to take care of.


Problems of Chronic Ear Infection in dogs

Canines which have otitis and/or ear infections that are either neglected or not treated successfully can have a number of potential problems.


Problems of chronic Ear Infection in cats

There are a variety of problems that may arise for cats with ear infections or other notable causes of otitis that are either neglected or aren’t resolved effectively.


How to clean your pet’s ears to prevent ear infection in dogs and cats

Regular cleaning of your dog or cat’s ears is preferred within their grooming process. Regular cleaning can help keep the pet’s ear healthy, clean and free from disease. You’ll also be outfitted to note any changes in the ear that warrant a trip to your vet.


Preventing Ear Infection in dogs

Some canines are inch zero-maintenance inches where ear are worried. Additional dogs have problems with chronic or repeating ear infections. Regular ear cleanings and precautionary maintenance can help maintain your dog’s ears healthy.


Preventing Ear Infection in cats

Cleaning your cat’s hearing regularly can help you keep the cat’s ears healthy. At exactly the same time, it is going to provide you with the chance to test your cat’s ears for signals of disease.

2 comments to “Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Ear Infection in Dogs and Cats”
2 comments to “Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Ear Infection in Dogs and Cats”
  1. Ear infections can cause discomfort and pain in your pet if not identified and treated early. To protect your pet, read on to find the symptoms of an ear infection, what can cause an infection, and how an ear infection can be treated. Dr. Jason Nicholas, The Preventative Vet, offers advice for keeping your cat and dog healthy and happy.

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