How to be organized at work and at home?

be organized at work

How to motivate yourself to be organized at work and at home

Just think of the symptoms and the consequences of lack of coordination! Lack of organization in life leads to: constantly losing things at home, searching for the right documents and little things forever, eternal delays, forgetting about meetings and arrangements …

The consequences of lack of organization affects not only you, but others who are related to you in one way or another. As a result, your relationship with other people deteriorates, and your reputation might be adversely affected.

I suppose thinking of all the adverse effects of being disorganized has prepared you to seek ways to be more organized at work and at home.

How to be more organized?

Write things down

Write down everything and always. Do not merely rely on your memory. Make a detailed list of your meetings, phone calls, arrangements, etc. Of course, sometimes it seems to us that our memory is excellent and that if we keep writing things down, our mind will start getting lazy. We assume that memorizing our plans and meetings is another opportunity to train our brain. However, even the ideal memory sometimes fails. Keeping a record of things will help you be organized at work and at home. Having recorded everything, do not forget to view your notes or calendar in a mobile phone on a daily basis.

Keep track of time

It seems to you that running into a store is a matter of five minutes? Taking into account the choice of products and the possible queue at the cashier: maybe, what seems like only 5 minutes, actually takes 15! And there is nothing terrible in it – if you understand exactly how much time you spend.

Having dealt with this, there will be fewer delays: now you will know that taking a shower is not 10 minutes, but 20. It really takes 25 minutes to apply makeup and dressing, and you will need 15 more for breakfast. If you want to be organized at work and at home, but you never thought over how much time you spend on each stage of the bills or work, it is best to put on top of the estimated time for each task another 10 minutes – it is better to cope sooner than once again later.

be organized at work

Let everything have its place

If at work and at home you adhere to this principle, then the search for things will take much less time. Get used to returning each item to its place. Before leaving the house, take the cosmetics out of the bathroom to the place where it is stored, make the bed, hang the clothes you put on, put it back in the closet, hang the bathrobe on the hook (do not throw things where you will), and put slippers at the door .

Being more organized will help with the ordering of life in general. Start to conveniently store things in the closet, get rid of unnecessary makeup and sell unnecessary things through the Internet.

It is worth considering where and what you will have, and what you don’t need at all. Perhaps the process of finding your corner for each thing and getting rid of junk will take more than one day, but the result is worth it.

Stop the internal dialog

Your household chores are piling up, you are far behind in your career duties, and you… just think!  Maybe you just sit and sort through the old conversations (“You could have answered her like this or that” or, “And why did I not say that?”), you wonder why the world is so unfair, over and over again you ponder situations when you were terribly ashamed and worried: but how did you look in the eyes of others at this moment, or you keep thinking: what would such or such a thought be if he knew that…?

Perhaps the situation is not so catastrophic as you think! The constant internal dialogue slows down the work, damages your active state, makes it difficult to focus on today’s affairs and tasks. It oppresses your energetic endeavors. In general, stopping the internal dialogue will improve your productivity and help you be organized at work or at home.

The minute you notice that you are having a meaningless inner dialogue or self-talk – firmly order yourself to stop and switch your mood. Such meaningless reflections merely lead to procrastination, laziness, and depression. So having a disciplined mental state will help you be organized at work and at home!

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