How to Get Rid of a Fever with Home Remedies

Get Rid of a Fever

The fever indicates the presence of bacteria and infections and can be dangerous. This post offers the best home remedies to get rid of a fever.

In different seasons due to changes in the climate and diet, bacteria and viruses enter the body. When your body is fighting with an illness or an infection, fever occurs, usually with common cold and the flu.There are many traditional and therapeutic methods to get rid of a fever.

The presence and increase of viruses and bacteria, along with internal infections, creates a high body temperature or fever that can have a direct negative effect on the heart and kidneys. Read this post to learn about the best home remedies to get rid of a fever.

Actually, we have to know how and exactly how much to look after a person having a fever. And foremost first, fever could be remaining to perform its duty. The main point is to take care of on your own or your loved ones member rather than the fever itself. Quite simply, be sure to become hydrated, comfy, silent and relaxing, in the event that’s what must be done. Oftentimes the low-grade fever isn’t enough to consider you or a kid bedridden. Assess whether a fever treatment can make you or your patient convenient. Most importantly, don’t stress.


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Get Rid of a Fever

Home remedies and natural methods to get rid of a fever.

Consume lots of fluids, water especially.
  • Put a damp cool cloth on the forehead and back of neck. Also, patting the temple, face and throat with a fabric can be calming.
  • A drop of Lavender oil to the temples, forehead, back again of the throat, bottoms of your toes.
  • Intended for a grown-up, a drop of 50/50 diluted Peppermint oil to the feet of your feet. A kid may feel too much burning up feeling out of this essential oil.
  • Marjoram tea. Keep this plant developing in your backyard or in your windows sill. It really is an acrid and amazing natural herb so that it can be utilized as a tea to lessen fever.
  • A sponge shower. Put an one inch or two of tepid drinking water (85-90 degrees) in the tub or baby shower intended for a child. Having a washcloth or sponge, press drinking water on the stomach, underarms and arms, groin and legs. Don’t let water be chilly or as well cool.  Don’t let the kid or person shiver.
  • A warm bath with one-half to 1 cup of apple cider vinegar can also help you get rid of a fever. Bathe for five to ten minutes.
  • Apple cider white vinegar compress: 1 part white vinegar, 4 parts water, towards the forehead or your toes.
  • Chlorophyll compress: A cabbage leaf or lettuce leaf can be used as a compress to the forehead or the bottoms of your feet.

Last but not least, rest and let your body recover itself.


This list is not really everything but you will find enough items and easy-to-do natural remedies here to help you get rid of a fever.

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