Filing Uber Taxes in Canada as an Uber Driver Partner

Filing Uber Taxes in Canada

This article explains in detail about filing Uber taxes in Canada as an Uber driver-partner.

We will take a look at various ways to create off your Uber taxes and save some cash plus some extra tips about tax filing from experienced Uber drivers.


Filing Uber Taxes in Canada as an Uber Driver-Partner

All Uber drivers are independent contractors that gather GST (Ontario) and GST (Alberta) to become remitted towards the CRA (Canada Income agency). Uber drivers are self-employed and you’ll not get a normal T4 slide with CPP, EI as well as your tax is not really subtracted from your earnings. Because self-employed, you will need to add T2125 Declaration of Business Activities, that covers your earnings and expenditures mainly as an Uber partner.


How exactly to pay fewer taxes when filing Uber taxes in Canada as an Uber driver-partner

Your investment “Driver” part for the present time. You are somebody intended for your taxes filing reasons. Uber is a company system and you are a business proprietor in the eye of Canada Income Company. As a business proprietor you are much bigger then you think you are, for taxes purposes. With that said, you can write off anything associated to your business expanse as a business proprietor.


When filing Uber taxes in Canada, you can reduce part of the taxes.

Filing Uber Taxes in Canada

How to write off taxes when filing Uber taxes in Canada as an Uber Driver

Uber drivers are exactly like some other drivers, they may write off their automobile expanses this kind of as:

  • Gas / Usage while traveling for Uber.
  • Vehicle maintenance costs, this kind of as support and any kind of maintenance.
  • A part of your mobile phone expenses.
  • Meals / drinking water given to travelers.
  • Car clean.
  • Expenditures associated with your primary business activity (Traveling).


How to write off taxes when filing Uber taxes in Canada as an Uber partner

Every single drivers is usually somebody pertaining to Uber, in case you are traveling meant for Uber, you are somebody. This implies you may take the Uber Driver’s list over and enhance the pursuing:

  • Component on your web bill.
  • New laptop.
  •  Website domain and hosting.
  •  Business lunch time with another Uber drivers or Blogger.
  • Portion of your home loan (Speak to your CPA).
  • Additional business actions, because you might have a different business if you are not traveling for Uber.


In Canada, Above all requires you to be always a single proprietor, yet it generally does not imply that you can’t operate your business below the organization umbrella. You will be integrated to pay fewer taxes as an Uber drivers if you do it right. Speak to your accountant about this.

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