How to Remove Scars, Bruises, and Stretch Marks Naturally

How to Remove Scars

Scars may not hurt but they can make us uncomfortable. Here is a natural guide on how to remove scars, bruises and stretch marks.

Many various things trigger trauma to your skin, which range from injuries and accidents to skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Treatments to eliminate scars on the skin can sometimes be a challenge, but with regularity and persistence, you’ll be able to decrease the appearance of stubborn imperfections.


Learn how to remove scars, stretch marks, and bruises with natural remedies.


Types of Scars

There are many types of scarring occurring after skin contact with trauma:

  1. Keloidal scars: Raised, dark, harmless tumors that appears about ears, back again, chest and shoulders. This is very difficult to eliminate since it will go overboard the boundary of the affected area.
  2. Hypertrophic scars: dark and raised scars. Goes away in a degree of time yet causes extreme scratching even though this can be used.
  3. Atrophic scars: Produces indentation or sunken marks. One of these of the kind of skin damage is stretch marks.
  4. Stretch marks: A kind of skin damage on your skin with an off-color. They may be triggered by ripping of the skin.
  5. Bruises

Here is how to remove scars of all types, stretch marks, and bruises with natural remedies

How to remove scars naturally



Rub organic raw honey especially high UMF factor manuka honey) onto the scars twice daily. The antiseptic properties in honey will help heal injuries and promote pores and skin cellular development. With continuous use of it, the scars ought to diminish. Using honey is definitely not suggested if you have greasy epidermis.


Lavender oil

Apply and therapeutic massage on the scars to help them fade. In time, it can eliminate the scars completely.


Olive oil

Apply extra virgin olive oil to the scars at least twice each day. Within a week you should begin to see scars and stretch marks starting to fade.


Flaxseed oil

You can purchase this essential oil at nearly every health grocery. Rub the flaxseed essential oil on old and new scars several times each day, including once you shower and again prior to going to bed.


Castor oil

Apply castor oil with a plastic wrap and a heating pad. Make sure to only use food plastic wrap which has no bisphenol A, an unhealthy substance within many plastic materials. Rub a lot of castor essential oil on the scars and then cover it with plastic material cover. Create a heating system protect fired up while high an establishing seeing that you easily stand and leave in for twenty to 25 minutes. You might see apparent results in less than a week roughly.


Vitamin E

Make use of the oil from punctured Vitamin E capsules and rub it unto the scars.


Vitamin K

Apply as a cream topically to the scars. With regards to the intensity of your scars and type of skin, you might see results in less than a week or two to two months when utilized twice daily.


The main element to organic lessening and removal of scars is usually persistence. Serious marks might take up to many weeks, but with persistent and constant effort you should eventually see good results.


How to remove keloids

The main things about getting rid of keloids is to start treating them early and remain consistent during the removal process. Here is two of the very most popular remedies to remove keloid.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains antioxidants and vitamin C that are extremely helpful in treating different types of scars, which includes keloids. After a couple weeks of by using this treatment, you ought to see significant improvement in the colour, consistency, appearance, and versatility from the scar tissue.

Draw out the juice from a lemon and use it around the affected skin area. Leave it on for approximately around 30 minutes, and then clean the region with lukewarm drinking water. Repeat at least one time daily.

Mustard Seeds Mix

Combine 1 tea spoon mustard seeds essential oil, 1 teaspoon increased gas and 8 tablespoons Jojoba essential oil in a little container and shake vigorously. Apply a little to the affected area and leave this on for a quarter of hour. Wash with cold water and clean with a moderate facial cleanser. Store the unused combination in a cool, dark place for one month.

How to remove stretch marks naturally

How to Remove Scars

Egg whites

The protein in egg whites help your skin layer rejuvenate and rebuild itself. Try placing the egg white on your affected areas 3 times each day and ideally your stretch marks will disappear.

Shea Butter or Cocoa Butter

Massaging cacao butter or shea butter unto your skin layer once or twice per day can help hydrate dried out epidermis and also help stretch marks to diminish. And if you use it during your pregnancy, you may have a much better chance at warding off stretch marks before they appear.


How to remove bruises naturally

Raise the bruised area and reduce blood circulation to the region with gravity’s help. Raising the bruised region so that it is above your center will certainly prevent bloodstream from pooling in the bruised region, and reduce staining. For example, in the event that the bruise is in your leg, pay onto the sofa and rest your leg on a raised platform. When your lower leg is a good few inches above your body, you’re good. In case your arm is usually bruised, make an effort to prop it through to an armrest or a few cushions, so that it is at heart-level or over. In case your upper body is bruised, you may be out of luck. Concentrate on icing the region instead.

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