How to Cure Depression by Yourself Naturally

Cure Depression by Yourself

Antidepressants have many side effects, so natural treatments are much more effective and better to cure depression by yourself naturally.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, depression “is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act.”

So how can you cure depression by yourself if your mind, body, and feelings are suppressed under the heavy clouds of negativity and depression, rejecting even the thought of a cure?

The truth is, treating depression on your own is not exactly an easy and straightforward process. Even the sight of seemingly self-important advices on how to treat depression might sound provoking to a depressed person. How are depressed people supposed to find it in themselves to go walking every single day, while they find it difficult to perform simple daily activities?

It seems more feasible to shift part of the burden to antidepressants. And it is totally understandable and logical to do so. Still, you may want to consider that since taking antidepressants has certain side effects, it is better to try some of the following natural treatments carefully and cure depression by yourself naturally without medication. It is not easy to bring yourself to start some of these natural treatments to depression, but once you start, you will realize that little by little, your mind is starting to get more lucid and your body is getting rid of the languor that has oppressed it for some time due to depression. As the depression gets weaker and weaker, you will find yourself stronger in body, mind, will, and emotions. Therefore, it will get easier for you to follow these natural treatments that help you cure depression by yourself naturally.

As we approach the cold months of the year, we are seeing an increase in the number of patients who suffer from seasonal depression. So the psychiatrists’ office is full of inconsolable patients complaining about their lives.

Even if you do not exactly feel like it, it is worth to try some of these effective and natural remedies to depression that can help cure depression by yourself without medication. We have intentionally chosen a limited number of these treatments that have proven to be more effective than the others, so that it wouldn’t be overwhelming to try and follow them. Just bring yourself to take the first steps and feel the magic!


Natural depression treatments help you cure depression by yourself without medication.



In 2007, researchers at the Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina accidentally prescribed 30 minutes of walking or running slowly for three times a week for their depressed patients, along with a series of medications. The result was that exercise was more effective than pills.

Also, in a 2016 survey on the subject, it was emphasized that exercise is an effective and free treatment for depression.

Cure Depression by Yourself

Light Therapy

Light is an anti-depressant light. You all must have experienced what positive effects a sudden sunshine has had on your mood on a gloomy day. In this method, the patient is required to be exposed to intense light. This method involves thirty minutes to one hour exposure to intense light every morning.

The effect of this method is higher in some cases than anti-depressant drugs and does not have any complications. Of course, not only artificial light sources should be resorted to, but exposure to sunlight can have similar results.


Eat healthy

One of the reasons for people to become aware of their illness is nervous eating and excessive eating. You know that there is no miraculous diet to treat depression, but there are foods that help reduce the symptoms.

According to recent research, there is evidence that omega-3, found in salmon or walnuts, and foods with folic acid, such as spinach or avocado, help reduce depression.


Be happy

When you are depressed, everything seems harder and worse than it really it. Your mind can analyze things in a sad or catastrophic light while it is not really so. Your feelings can deceive you into despair and helplessness. Therefore, you have no choice but to consciously reverse this process and force yourself to think positively. Do not forget that someone who has forgotten being happy is depressed, so if you want to treat depression by yourself naturally, don’t miss fun activities and positive environments.


Remember, no matter how many hours you sit and try to think your depression away, it will not go away on its own. The above-mentioned natural treatments to depression involve a set of mental and physical activities that go hand in hand to help you cure depression by yourself naturally.

If you have tried any of the above mentioned or other natural treatments to depression, please share your experience with us on NitidLife.

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