I hate cooking! What should I do about it?

I hate cooking

Honestly, to hear someone say “I love cooking” has always seemed a completely unreal idea. You can laugh, but just 10 years ago (at 18) my main dish was sandwiches with cheese and a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers. As early as 19, when I heard a suggestion from my friend to cook pasta, I looked at the plate with horror: but will it work out? But already at 20 I cooked my first soup, though it did not turn out all right. And it was not the last time I messed up in cooking. It got so bad that I decided that I can’t cook at all.

When my mother or grandmother asked me how I would live all my life, not knowing how to cook, I exclaimed: I hate cooking. I was determined that I would choose a chef as my husband. “Cooks cook only at work” came the answer. I shrug my shoulders: “Well, he will not have anything else.”

Why should I love cooking?

People would say: once you have a family of your own, you’ll immediately love cooking. I already have a family, but I hate cooking. Surely, you know people who know how to cook, and do cook, but they don’t like cooking. So if you hate cooking, why should you start loving it?

Personally, it has always been important for me to love what I do. It is not enough to be able to accomplish it. To be able and not to love; to do what you do not like; it somehow reduces the quality of life, right?

Here are some tips that will motivate you to change from an “I hate cooking” person to someone who actually enjoys cooking:

A special atmosphere around meals

I think it works like this: if some everyday action is surrounded by a special aura, rituals and small traditions are created around it. Thus, this action begins to acquire greater value, and what is connected with it is endowed with this “specialty”. Surround your lunches and dinners with some small traditions – and it will be easier to love cooking.

Table setting and beautiful serving dishes will change your “I hate cooking” mood

This does not mean that for every meal you need to cut hearts from carrots or make radish roses. But the originally laid out side dish, an interesting mix of flowers in a salad, a glass of wine, beautiful napkins, and hot dishes are quick and affordable ways to make the most ordinary dinner special.

Creative cooking

It’s really fascinating: here are just raw ingredients before you, and after an hour of performing witchcraft upon them – a whole new dish is ready. You create something with your own hands, something that did not exist before – even if it is completely short-lived!

Try to enjoy all the colors and smells and sounds while you are cooking

Cooking is a tremendously magical process if you take notice of all the beauty associated with it.

Cool kitchen Gadgets

Cool kitchen Gadgets

Gadgets are important in absolutely any business, especially if you want to start enjoying it! Of all the cool kitchen gadgets that will help you with your I hate cooking syndrome, I can point out to a beautiful apron, oven mitts, a spice rack, a napkin holder, towels – everything that surrounds you in the kitchen. Let it be nice to be here, then cooking will be a pleasure! Choose the style that you like. It is clear that this is not possible everywhere – in rented apartments sometimes you have to live with what you have (I know firsthand what it feels like because I have lived 7 years of my life in rented appartments). But even here you can add an element that is pleasing to the eye.

Cleanliness and order in the kitchen

Try to be organized in your kitchen. Distribute or sell all the kitchen utensils that you do not (and will not) use and throw out all unnecessary kitchen tools (chipped plates, ancient pans, expired spices).

Discover the power of spices

If you discover the world of spices, you will never get bored of cooking! And besides, with the right spice, even a simple potato becomes a delicacy!

Combination: cooking + …

Add yourself. Cooking takes a lot of time – and this fact scares many. Combine! You can always cook with your favorite music or film. Some might even communicate via Skype while cooking at the oven.

Take a rest from daily cooking

It is normal for people to get tired of doing something over and over every day. Ask those around you to take responsibility. Sometimes, all you need to refresh your mood is a rest from daily chores.

What about you? What makes you enjoy cooking?

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