Strategies for achieving a healthy weight

healthy weight

Diets are not permanent ways to maintain a healthy weight. They create only temporary food patterns the results of these diets will be temporary as well.

Most people who follow certain weight loss diets will quickly gain the weight they have lost by returning to their former dietary habits. So the best way to maintain a healthy weight and stay fit is to create a natural healthy life style. Losing weight will only be successful when people replace healthy habits with their old unhealthy ones.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the best strategy to maintain a healthy weight.

healthy weight

Five strategies to reach your healthy weight

Step 1: Exercise

Regular physical activity causes calories to burn and build muscle. Both of these, in addition to helping to have proportional organs, also work to achieve balanced and healthy weight. Walking, cycling, or doing aerobics all can help you increase your daily activities. If you tend to burn more calories, you need to increase the intensity of your exercises and build your muscles by doing some power moves.


Step 2: Pay attention to the size and number of your meals

The increase size and number of meals will cause obesity. Another cause of weight gain is drinking sweet drinks, so try to leave this habit and go for water or low-fat milk.


Step 3: Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables do not contain only vitamins and minerals. These dietary groups, in addition to having significant amounts of fiber, also fill the gastric space. When this space is filled with fruits and vegetables, it is less likely for people to overeat or go for high-calorie foods.


Step 4: Do not miss your breakfast

Breakfast is the start of burning calories in body metabolism and initiating energy supplies for daily activities. People who remove breakfast from their diet will get hungry very soon. Therefore, these people eat more food throughout the day, resulting in more calorie intake.


Step 5: Decrease the time of using the computer and the TV

One of the reasons for lack of time for people to do physical activity is to the focus on the display of devices such as television, computers or video games. It is necessary to limit the time allocated to such activities to less than two hours a day.

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