How to bring a girl to an orgasm

bring a girl to an orgasm

Women often fake an orgasm in order not to offend their partner. This is a guide on how to bring a girl to an orgasm.


3 main myths about sex

Myth number one: Penis – the main tool to satisfy women

Perhaps you used to think that the bigger, the better, and the longer you hold it in, the more pleasure your girl will receive. All this is a lie. But the truth.

Researchers asked hundreds of women a direct question about what was most important for them during intercourse, and none of the participants mentioned the size of the penis. Instead, women said they were crazy about men who care about their maximum pleasure.


Myth number 2: Good sex ends with a simultaneous orgasm.

So they show in the movie: a man energetically enters a woman, and – yes, yes, more! – they both have a fast and fabulous orgasm. In fact, simultaneous orgasms are a myth.

To bring a girl to an orgasm, you must be focused on her feelings, and in order to experience her yourself, you should fully immerse yourself in your own. As you understand, it is difficult to combine. A partner can experience pleasure both before and after you. And it is much more convenient than seeking simultaneous orgasm.


Myth number 3: To achieve orgasm, women need sexual intercourse

According to the most optimistic estimates, only 15% of women can get an orgasm as a result of sexual intercourse. The remaining 85% need clitoral stimulation.

The clitoris is the key to female orgasm. This once again proves the fact that only 1.5% of women masturbate using an object in the vagina. Another 12% do the same at the same time touching their clitoris. And the rest – a whopping 86.5% – enjoy themselves exclusively through clitoral stimulation. So the most important thing to remember is: frictions lead you to an orgasm, but not to your partner. Her pleasure point is the clitoris.


If you want to bring a girl to an orgasm, you must be informed about her body and feelings.


How to do everything right to bring a girl to an orgasm

With the myths sorted out, let’s get to the bottom line. You have a date, and you really want the girl to remember you for life. We’ll have to go through three stages: how to prepare, to lay out in bed, and then fix the impression. Let’s start with the first.


Get ready

Find out where the clitoris is

A recent study showed that 25% of men cannot find this organ. Check yourself and look at the female physiology once more.


Negotiate sex

It often happens that one partner wants to have sex, while the other intends to prepare for the exam, work, watch TV or just go to bed early. Agree on a sexual adventure in advance – then the girl will be ready for what awaits her, and it will be easier for you to bring her to orgasm.


Get rid of stress

In 80–90% of people (both women and men), stress reduces interest, and in almost all of them it decreases the ability to have fun.

If your partner works from morning till night, pulls out a mortgage and three children, is under constant stress, you can forget about orgasm. Therefore, before you go to bed rest, spend 20 minutes or even an hour to relax in a comfortable atmosphere.

Ask the girl what helps her recover. Bath, walk, sports, cooking, intimate conversations, a glass of wine – anything, if only it worked. Relaxation is the key to bring a girl to an orgasm. She must feel comfortable with you.


Create context

Feminine pleasure is closely related to the context – external circumstances and internal state. What exactly sets a woman into sex depends on her. But usually the ideal context for sex is low stress, admiration for a partner, and erotic setting. So candles, music and your irresistible appearance will not be superfluous.

bring a girl to an orgasm

Get down to business

Allow 20 minutes for cuddling

Modern sex scenarios focus mainly on what you and your partner are doing between your legs, but most women take about 20 minutes to warm up (kisses, caresses) before starting to do this.

Ladies need time to excite and produce a sufficient amount of lubricant so that touching the genitals becomes pleasant.

Here are some options for how to warm up before you bring a girl to an orgasm

  • Kiss each other on the lips – in all possible ways (gently, persistently, with the tongue, without it).
  • Kiss each other on the neck, ears and other parts of the face while remaining dressed.
  • Caress each other through clothes.
  • Roll over the bed, staying in clothes.
  • Get undressed yourself or strip each other.
  • Stroke, kiss and caress your partner’s breasts.
  • Play with her nipples: gently roll them between your fingers, suck, pull or pinch if it excites her.

Stroke and kiss each other’s naked bodies, not linger anywhere for long. Many women say that they like it when their partner teases them for a while, touching their genitals, and then again caressing them in other places.

You can also jointly take a shower or bath, laugh, joke and fool around. Show your imagination!


Get at her clit to bring her to an orgasm

When both of you are warm enough, go to the main course – clitoral stimulation. Do it as much as you need. In general, women for orgasm takes from 15 to 45 minutes. Interesting statistics: if you spend clitoral stimulation for 20 minutes or more, about 92% of your partners will experience orgasm.


Tip: start with a careful touch to her clitoris, and let her say when you can increase the pressure. The clitoris is a very tender organ, so make sure she is moaning due to pleasure, not discomfort.


Find out what she likes

Women have different nerve endings. Therefore, there is no universal recipe for pleasure: everyone likes his own type of touch.

To further complicate matters, we add that the stimulation needed by a woman to orgasm can vary at different times (for example, depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle). So, only one thing will help bring a girl to an orgasm – the desire to listen and hear her.


How to find out what a woman wants exactly today? Here are three ways:

Just ask. Conversations during sex are very short, but they can significantly affect the situation. For example, you say: “Tell me what you like,” or “I want you to say if this suits you,” or “I want to give you pleasure. Show me what you like. ”

Let her fingers say. Put your hand on top of your partner’s hand, giving her a signal: you want her to show which touches she likes. When she does, follow her instructions (where, with what force, how exactly).

Listen up Rapid breathing, growing moans and pleas to continue usually say that you are going in the right direction. But if a girl does not show emotions, most likely, something is wrong, but she is embarrassed to say so. In this case, go back to methods 1 and 2.

Enjoy together

You can first bring the partner to orgasm through stimulation of the clitoris, and then go to sexual intercourse and get your portion of pleasure, or vice versa. Do not seek to experience an orgasm at the same time – remember that this is a myth. Researchers even believe that it is undesirable for partners to achieve orgasm at the same time, because it deprives the pleasure of observing and feeling the partner’s orgasm.


Enjoy a pleasant aftertaste

Talk after sex

It is useful for many couples to process the received information immediately after sex. This will help make it better next time. Ask the girl what she liked best and what you can do better next time. Just do not make claims: if there are serious problems, it is better to discuss them behind the bedroom doors.


Stay close

Many women after sex want to prolong the intimacy: hug, chat or just fall asleep together. What exactly you should not do is turn your back to your partner or immediately call a taxi.

Stay close and be careful. Remember that caring excites women much more than penis size and sophistication in love affairs.

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