How to Remove Unwanted Hair from Body

Remove Unwanted Hair

There are several effective methods and tips to remove unwanted hair from body.

Removing unwanted hair is a problem we all have to deal with. To do this, there are several methods: shaving, waxing, using hair removal creams, or laser therapy. To remove unwanted hair, following some tips can make the process easier and also more satisfactory at the end of the work.


Shaving, waxing, creams, and laser are the common methods to remove unwanted hair from body.


Common remedies to remove unwanted hair

Shaving: If you use a blade to remove excess hair and shave it, be careful that some cuts may occur. Our suggestion is to shower before shaving so that the body and follicles become soft. This prevents the hair from growing to the inside.


Wax: Wax, especially hot wax, is one of the most effective methods to remove unwanted hair from the body, but it’s a bit painful. This method makes the skin soft and beautiful, and you will remain hair-free for up to three weeks, but it may cause redness which does not go away for a few hours, and it is not recommended for people with intravenous and coagulative problems.


Hair removal cream: hair removal cream is a great method to removal unwanted hair from your body. It does not have any pain and does not cause illness, although you should try to prevent allergies before you apply the entire hair removal cream. This method is fast and painless, and results in a smooth skin, but the hair is not pulled out of the roots and these creams contains chemical and may be harmful to the sensitive areas.


Laser: Hair Removal Laser is an effective but expensive method and you need to have at least 8 sessions to completely eliminate unwanted body hair. Do not forget to consult a dermatologist in these procedures because there are different types of laser treatments to remove unwanted hair from body.


Is waxing harmful to the skin?

None of methods mentioned above has a damaging effect on the skin unless you have skin allergies or skin problems. People who have excessive skin dyspnea, old skin disease, or eczema should consult their physician before waxing, or performing any other method of treatment, so that they do not suffer from side effects.


Tips before starting to remove unwanted hair from body

If you want to remove unwanted hair from your body, following some tips can make the process easier and more effective.


1. Proper blade

If you often shave your skin, you may experience dry skin. So, when choosing a blade, consider the number of blades. Choose the trim blades 3 blades because 5 blades can affect under the skin, which can cause ingrown hair or skin sensitivity.


2. Proper wax

If you want to do the waxing yourself, be careful! Various types of Wax are available on the market. If you want to try a new product, it must match your skin type. Get advice from a professional before buying any kind of wax.


3. Use proper products

If you want to remove excess hair through wax, use proper products of good quality before doing so. Use a baby powder 10 minutes before starting to wax your body hair. The baby powder absorbs moisture and makes the procedure easier to accomplish.


4. Do not do wax several times

If you have waxed your skin and there is still some hair left, do not repeat the action several times. If you do this, your skin will be irritated and the possibility of developing ingrown hair will increase.


5. Follow the instructions

If you prefer to use hair removal cream, follow the instructions in the box. Using these creams is good because it produces less pain, but they may cause allergies if you do not pay attention to the instructions. Do not let these creams stay on your skin for a long time.


6. It is better to let your unwanted hair grow a little, before starting to wax

Waxing the hair that has just emerged from the root is not very well done, and the hair well not be completely removed.


7. Wax should not be too hot

To remove unwanted hair, the wax should be warm, but if it gets hot, it will pierce the skin and cause the skin to blister, so the wax temperature is appropriate up to to 60 degrees Celsius.


8. Do not apply water to the skin for several hours

Water can cause skin infection after wax. Use baby oil to remove the remaining wax and leave it for several hours before taking a shower or washing it.


9. Never wax your body if you have an infection

Waxing when you have an infectious skin problem, herpes or wounds will spread the infection to other parts and affect all your skin. To wax, you should let rashes, wounds or infections completely improve on your skin.

Remove Unwanted Hair

Shall I use hair removal creams?

Hair removal creams or hair removal sprays are among the good options to remove unwanted hair from body. What you need to note when using these creams or sprays is the following.

Before using these products, be sure to test them on a small part of the skin around the elbow and make sure you are not allergic.

Read the instructions carefully.

If you have thick hair, it’s best to go for other options to remove it. Thick hair does not go away in the safe time predicted for these products, and the cream should stay longer on the body, which will damage the skin.

After using hair removal creams, the skin can become dry. If the cream instructions do not forbid it, use water-based, preferably odorless lotions.


A few additional points about removing unwanted hair from the body

When using razor blades, use a shaving foam. Never use the razor blade on the surface of the dry skin.

After shaving, use a moisturizer to prevent dry skin.


What do I do to prevent ingrown hair?

The problem of ingrown, especially for women who use wax or even use epilators to remove unwanted hair, is very common. To minimize ingrown hair, it is advisable to shave using a blade after each one to two times of using epilators or waxing. At the same time, using skin exfoliators is also recommended.


Does shaving increase unwanted hair?

Some people believe that removing excess hair with a blade will increase them. The fact, however, is that the shaving with razor does not increase hair; therefore, if you were worried about this and did not shave because of the fear of excessive hair increase, from now on, you can safely use blades to remove unwanted hair on your body.

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