How to choose a lubricant for maximum pleasure

best lubricant

All you need to know about how to choose a lubricant that would help you increase pleasure during sexual intercourse is summarized in this post.

Using lubricant gels is one of the best ways to increase pleasure during sexual relationships. Although human body often provides the proper lubricant (such as the extra fluid that a woman’s vagina produces when she is sexually aroused), it often happens that this does not happen or is not enough. Many factors can lead to vaginal dryness, including certain drug side effects, dehydration and menopause. As their name implies, lubricants make sexual organs wet and more slippery, thus making sex between couples more enjoyable.

What is a lubricant gel?

Lubricant is a means for moisturizing the skin and mucous of the genital organs and improving the glide during sex. It is needed to reduce the unpleasant sensations of vaginal dryness, to stimulate blood flow and to prevent micro-cracks in sexual organs.

If there is not enough natural lubrication, is it a symptom of health problems?

Not necessarily. A natural lubricant is released within 10-15 minutes after sexual arousal, so there might not be enough wetness at the beginning of sex. Sometimes the reduction of the released lubricant is associated with hormonal imbalance (estrogen deficiency) or with insufficient blood circulation in the genital organs.

In addition, there are types of sex, where artificial lubrication is indispensable. For example in anal sex. Lubricants will also make variety in the process of lovemaking and masturbation, so there is no harm in trying it! Lubricants can help you reach maximum pleasure in all stages of sexual relationship.

Warming lubricant

There is a product called warming lubricant, with which you and your partner will quickly awaken the passion and get new sensations.

best lubricant

What is the best lubricant for maximum pleasure?

What is right for you, depends on your goals and preferences.

These are different types of lubricants:

  • Oil-based lubricants: oil-based lubricants are soft, gentle and quickly absorbed. They are good for massage as well, so basically they are massage oil and lubricant at the same time. But they are incompatible with condoms, and they leave stains on clothes and bed linen. It is best to use them for intimate caresses and male masturbation.
  • Water-based lubricants: Water-based lubricants are the most common. They can be easily purchased at a pharmacy, they are inexpensive and convenient. Water-based lubricants are used for massage, vaginal, oral, anal sex, and the use of sex toys. But this type of lubricant quickly dries up or gets absorbed, so you need to regularly add a little more of it.
  • Silicone lubricants: the most modern look. Silicone lubricants do not dry out for a long time and do not get washed off with water. They are more expensive and are usually sold in sex goods stores (if you are embarrassed of going to a sex shop, you can order it online). The most convenient silicone lubricants come in the form of a spray. Not all of them are suitable for use with condoms and sex toys, so read the instructions before buying.

Lubricants differ in purpose as well

  • For anal sex: a lubricant with a local anesthetic (lidocaine or benzocaine) and components for relaxation of the anus muscles
  • For oral caresses: flavored water-based lubricants are used to mask the taste and smell of natural juices.
  • For lovemaking in the shower, in the Jacuzzi or pool, use silicone greases: they are not washed away with water.
  • For sex marathons (long-hour sex!), stick with silicone lubricants because they do not dry out easily.

Spermicide lube

For additional protection against unplanned pregnancy use spermicidal lubricants. They reduce the activity of spermatozoa. Be sure to read the instructions on how to properly apply this lubricant: it usually cannot be washed off until six hours after sexual intercourse. It is better not to use such lubricant as a substitute for condoms and other birth control methods, especially when having sex with a non-regular partner. Contraceptive lubricants will not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

  • For healing wounds and microcracks, choose antibacterial lubricant (with silver ions, aloe vera extract, panthenol).
  • For latex sex toys (vibrators, butt plugs, masturbators), take a water-based lubricant: silicone can damage the toy.

Is it possible to use oil, cream or petrolatum instead of a lubricant?

No. Not all greasy stuff are intended for use on the mucosa. In fact, they can disrupt the acidic environment of the vagina. Due to pH changes, the work of protective mechanisms deteriorates, which can lead to the development of infection.

How to use lubricant gel

Follow the instructions. Usually, you need to apply lubricant to the genitals before sex and add as needed. After sexual intercourse, rinse your genitals with water. A water-based lubricant is easily washed off with water, while silicone can be cleaned with soap or intimate gel.

Possible lubricant side effects

In rare cases, there may be allergic reactions to certain components, for example, to essential oils in the composition of a lubricant. Read the composition before buying, especially if you have a predisposition to skin allergy.

If you are intolerant to lidocaine, anesthetic lubricants should not be used.

Glycerin in some lubricants can lead to an exacerbation of yeast infection – thrush .

Lubricant reviews

Do you use lubricant for more pleasure in sex? Please share your lubricant reviews with us to help other people choose best lubricant for maximum pleasure.

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